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Washed Away: From Darkness to Light

Author, speaker, and mental health advocate, Nikki DuBose, epitomizes the word brave. She courageously talks about tough topics that others shy away from. I know, because I am one. For a long time, I wasn’t prepared to talk about my own trauma. (I didn’t even realize I had experienced trauma.)…Read More

The Pages Beckoned: Write!

June Alexander is a gem in the eating disorders field. I truly admire her as an advocate, a speaker, and a writer. (As an author myself, I have no idea how June is able to write so many books so very quickly!) Recently, I have had the honor of collaborating…Read More

Getting Stronger in Recovery: Letting Go of the Log

Over ten years ago, I received an email that I was sure to be spam. The sender was Dr. Anita Johnston. Why would Dr. Johnston be emailing me? I had read her book, Eating in the Light of the Moon, years prior—when I was still struggling with my eating disorder—and found…Read More

A Body Apology: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Recently, in my role as a National Recovery Advocate of Eating Recovery Center’s Family Institute, I had the opportunity to speak with adolescents and children struggling with eating disorders at our program in Denver. While I was deeply touched to connect with these brave individuals, I was also saddened that…Read More

Are You Wearing Ed Glasses?

During National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, I was reminded just how much our society encourages us to wear “Ed glasses.” Instead of appreciating our bodies as a place to live—a vehicle for life—we are taught to nip, tuck, and control. Further, we often don’t even realize that our eyes literally…Read More