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How One Woman Declared Independence from Her Eating Disorder and How You Can Too

The 10th Anniversary Edition of the book that has given hope and inspiration to thousands battling eating disorders

Jenni had been in an abusive relationship with Ed for far too long. He controlled Jenni’s life, distorted her self-image, and tried to physically harm her throughout their long affair. Then, in therapy, she learned to treat her eating disorder as a relationship, not a condition. By thinking of her eating disorder as a unique personality separate from her own, Jenni was able to break up with Ed once and for all.

Inspiring, compassionate, and filled with practical exercises to help you break up with your own personal E.D., Life Without Ed provides hope to the millions plagued by eating disorders. Beginning with Jenni’s “divorce” from Ed, this supportive, lifesaving book combines a patient’s insights and experiences with a therapist’s prescriptions for success to help you live a healthier, happier life without Ed.

Tenth Anniversary Edition is now available!
The anniversary edition includes a new afterword and sections devoted to men with eating disorders; family, friends and supporters; and treatment professionals. The book also includes an actual divorce decree to sign as well as new ideas related to recovery and technology. Download an excerpt here.


Audiobook just released!
Narrated by Jenni herself, the audiobook is divided into separate tracks for each of the book’s short sections. With this format, you can easily locate your favorite parts or play the ones that relate most to your recovery. Some find the audiobook particularly helpful in their cars—to avoid turning into that drive-through to binge. Others keep the book playing at home as a way to drown out Ed’s nonstop pestering. Many clinicians use particular sections as topics for discussions in individual and group therapy. For ease in locating tracks, be sure to download the accompanying reference guide. The audiobook concludes with the song “Life Without Ed.”

Buy the book:

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  • Barnes & Noble
  • iBooks

Buy the audiobook:

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